Does someone you love need a substance abuse intervention? You’re not alone. As a matter of fact, virtually everyone in the US knows somebody impacted by addiction. Whether it’s alcohol addiction or abuse of another substance, we’re here to help. Often, people with addictions don’t realize just how bad those addictions have become. An intervention can be the first step to realization and healing. 


What Is An Intervention? 

First of all, what is a substance abuse intervention? You may have seen interventions on TV, but in real life, interventions look a bit different. Generally, an intervention is a way to gently but firmly confront an individual about his or her addiction. It’s a chance to remind the person how much they’re loved and that they need help to heal. Usually, it involves an interventionist who will lead and mediate the conversation. The goal of an intervention is always for the person to get treatment immediately after it ends. Travel arrangements to a treatment center should be arranged ahead of time. 


Why Call An Interventionist? 

Some people try to hold a substance abuse intervention without help, but the best course for a substance abuse intervention is to call an interventionist. Why? A few important reasons stand out. First of all, interventionists are trained to mediate between addicted people and their loved ones. Emotions run high during interventions, so it’s easy to slip into the blame game. An interventionist can keep the meeting on track. 


Second, in many cases, like when you call the Substance Intervention team, your interventionist will have personal experience with addiction. At Substance Intervention, our interventionists have all struggled with addiction in the past. They won’t judge your loved one because they understand. 


Third, interventionists know the most common tactics that people use to downplay their addictions. The fact is that addiction lies. It tells people that they’re not really addicted, that they’re alone, and that nobody understands them. Interventionists can spot and confront those lies when they see them. 


How Does Substance Abuse Intervention Work? 

When someone you love needs a substance abuse intervention, call Substance Intervention for your free consultation. We’ll discuss your options and help you choose your ideal interventionist. From there, you get to pick the date that works best for you. We’ll work with you on all of the details, and your interventionist will hold a pre-intervention meeting with you. 

Substance abuse intervention is an important and effective method, but you’ll need help to get it done correctly. Let us help. You won’t owe us any money unless we successfully get your loved one to a treatment center. Call for your free consultation today.