Finding the right intervention program can make all the difference. Families who have struggled with a loved one’s substance abuse issues can work together in a pivotal moment. They gather to confront an addict and convince him or her to get help. Generally, these interventions are emotionally charged and filled with tension. A well-executed intervention can help an addict start on the path to recovery. However, a Florida drug intervention program gone wrong can harm relationships. It can even drive someone further into depression and addiction. Because of this, finding the right intervention specialists and the right program is critical to success. Here are some things a Florida drug intervention program needs to work.

The Right Support Network

Having the right support group is vital to any Florida drug intervention program. Without help from friends and family, it’s difficult for addicts to seek help. Usually, they’re depressed about their substance abuse. However, working with family and friends, an intervention specialist can use those relationships to encourage addicts to get help. Feelings during an intervention are very charged. There are highs and lows. Support networks need to offer ongoing motivation and support for patients. 

Medical Attention and Therapy

Florida drug intervention programs aren’t just about the intervention. Specialists work with patients to make sure they get the treatment they need. This can involve medical assistance, which can end their dependence on whatever substance they’re using. This can be done through supervised “cold turkey” methods or via tapering.

Likewise, patients often need therapy to work through the issues that led to their substance abuse. Indeed, the right facility and program will offer built-in resources or partnerships for patient use. 

The Cost of a Florida Drug Intervention Program

Cost is a reality for every family dealing with recovery. Treatment programs aren’t cheap, especially if this isn’t your first attempt at recovery. As a result, Florida drug intervention programs take into account each family’s financial situation. We use this to help get their loved one into a good program. Treatment needs to be sustainable.

Substance Intervention is an online resource that connects patients and families with experts in substance abuse recovery. Typically, we find the right program that matches your addiction, medical needs, and budget. If you or someone you love needs help with recovery, contact our team today to hear how we can help.