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Recovery Coaching is a very complex and effective approach to an Alcoholic/Addict. We have the most experienced Recovery Coaches in the USA. Our Coaches are former and current Interventionists, counselors and therapists. We encourage all families to join us on a phone call to explain our process to you. If we choose to work together the family will get a custom tailored suggested course of action that they must approve before we meet with the loved one.

There are many reasons why Recovery Coaching is a growing trend. It is being used as an alternative to Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Many people can’t or won’t go away for 28 days. Perhaps the family does not want to have an Intervention. Perhaps employment or health reasons restrict an individual from leaving their home.

For those leaving rehab the most effective method of relapse prevention is working face to face with a Recovery Coach.

We come to you in under 24 hours.

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We have visited hundreds of treatment centers over the years. We understand that it can be a very difficult process when deciding which center for a loved one to attend after an intervention. We are more than happy to give our opinion on our TREATMENT HOTLINE – call 24/7 at 800-492-QUIT or 800-492-7848
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