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Substance Intervention

Our Recovery Coaches provide one-on-one assistance to those seeking recovery and to newly recovered individuals.

For those seeking recovery, Recovery Coaching is being used as an alternative to traditional rehab. Many people can’t or won’t go away for 28 or more days. Perhaps the family does not want to have an Intervention. Perhaps employment or health reasons restrict an individual from leaving their home.

For those who are newly recovered and leaving rehab, the most effective method of relapse prevention is working face-to-face with a Recovery Coach.  If we choose to work together, you will get a custom tailored plan of action to help you maintain your sobriety and live your best life yet.

Our goal for all our Recovery Coaching clients is to:

  • Maintain abstinence or harm reduction from addiction
  • Establish healthy routines at home or after checking out of rehab
  • Work on and achieve life goals disrupted by addiction

We have the most experienced Recovery Coaches in the USA. Our Coaches are former and current Interventionists, counselors and therapists.

We encourage families or persons in recovery to join us on a phone call to explain our process to you.

Please call our RECOVERY COACHING department at 800-315-3303.

Alternatively, you may reach us electronically for an immediate call back:

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We provide Recovery Coaching services to all areas of the country. Talk to us now to get help for you or your loved one at 800-315-3303