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Brian provided remarkable support to our family before, during and after the double intervention he did for our son and his wife. We never could have done this without him. The intervention was calm, compassionate and loving – all due to Brian. And as a result, our son is in treatment and on his way to sobriety and a better life.

Dede Norris

We were very fortunate to have had Brian plan and conduct the intervention for our son. He was caring, understanding, patient, and skilled. Thanks Brian!

Larry Zimmer

“We were really uncomfortable before the intervention because my daughter is known for being volatile – it seems like your interventionist was able to freeze her and let us all say our part”

Mary M. Tampa, Fl

“Our daughter went on to rehab immediately after the intervention. It was not a comfortable time in our lives but it was a success. She went through the entire 28 day program after”

Jose Q. Santa Fe, NM

“Brian came out to conduct the intervention. After a long 5 hour family day, the intervention lasted under 30 minutes. Our daughter has had difficulty staying sober but initially responded very well to him. He has been in touch”

Esther K. Boca Raton, FL

“We worked with Janice to conduct a full intervention for our son. We would have confronted him anyways but it was helpful to have someone there”

Larry W. New York, NY

“We can only say good things about substance intervention as they saved our daughters life”

Dana C. Raleigh, NC

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