Battling drug addiction and other substance use issues is something families across the United States struggle with every day. It can be traumatizing to see someone you love addicted to alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs. Indeed, lives get ruined and relationships get destroyed. Keeping the pieces together or putting them back together is very hard. A lot of families struggle in silence. They worry about what others might think. However, some don’t know about addiction and the resources available for help. In Florida, there are teams working around the clock to fight addiction and help people in recovery. A Florida intervention substance abuse program exists to help families confront the issues and work toward solutions.

The Intervention Specialist

An intervention is exactly that. You’re interjecting into your friend’s or family member’s destructive behaviors. It’s a difficult thing to do. A lot of the time, you have to clearly communicate that unless something changes, your relationship with them is over. Getting professional help can help the process move along. After all, intervention specialists are trained and have experience facilitating these difficult conversations. They know how to read emotions, and can shift the course of an argument into something productive. In a Florida intervention substance abuse program, specialists also can work with you and your family on a long-term care plan.

Florida Intervention Substance Abuse Program Can Point You in the Right Direction

A Florida intervention substance abuse program doesn’t stop after the intervention is over. Once the addict agrees to seek treatment, they help with arrangements at a treatment facility. They make suggestions based on what a family or person can afford, and how the program fits with an addict’s personality and struggles. Additionally, the right program will make a huge difference in whether recovery is successful. Most families who have been through recovery know that treatment often has starts and stops. Finally, a Florida intervention substance abuse program can give you the long-term advice and support you’re looking for.

After-Intervention Care

Everyone should know that an effective Florida intervention substance abuse program includes therapy and medical care to see patients through the hardest parts of recovery. In fact, interventions are just the beginning. Certainly, getting proper post-intervention care will determine whether an individual is successful in recovery or relapses.

Substance Intervention has been helping families in Florida find intervention and recovery resources for years. If you or someone you love needs help with substance use issues, contact us today to see how we can help.