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Substance Intervention is comprised of a group of Interventionists who are all in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our company is considered to be a leader in our field. Unlike most Interventionists, we are available to the family of the alcoholic/addict for several days if needed, not just a handful of hours. We do whatever it takes to get your loved one into drug or alcohol rehab.

Our Interventionists are not even paid unless your family member is safely brought to drug treatment. We are 100% performance based to minimize your risk. We charge $2500-$3800 depending on your location. We service all of the USA, Canada and Mexico. All travel expenses for our Interventionists are covered by our company.

“Our Interventionists all come from very diverse backgrounds. With all members of our staff being in active recovery from addiction we can safely pair up the Interventionist with your family member based on the details involved, type of addiction they have, gender and age.”

We come to you, wherever you are. We bring the family member to the treatment center you can afford or decide on. We can provide you a list of suggested centers that we have reviewed, visited, and brought clients to for treatment. We encourage you to spend time chatting with your Interventionist by video chat or FaceTime before meeting.

Drug and Alcohol addiction can be devastating for the alcoholic/addict but even worse for the family. Addiction is considered a disease. The millions who suffer from the disease of addiction are typically incapable of handling their addiction on their own. Rehab is usually required to get people away from their negative surroundings and into a controlled environment.

In this environment there are others who are suffering from the same problem. It is the fellowship that develops in drug treatment that helps unlike anything else. Our Interventionists jump-start the recovery process for your loved one. Each of our Interventionists has been to rehab and have from 5-20 years clean and sober.

What makes us different

from other Intervention companies?

  • We do not charge anything if the Drug or Alcohol Intervention does not succeed in getting your loved one to a treatment center immediately. We run a performance based operation.
  • We do not profit from the treatment center we bring your family member to. We leave it entirely up to you to pick the treatment center. We do not limit ourselves geographically.
  • We pair an Interventionist with your loved one based on their age, gender, addiction type and location and of course, your choice.
  • We pay for our own travel expenses, entirely.
  • We follow up with the family and with the recovering Alcoholic/Addict for up to a year after the Intervention takes place.
  • We see that all relapse prevention plans that were set up in drug rehab – are continued once they return home.
  • We stay around your location for multiple days, at no additional charge, if needed. We absorb all fees for extended stays.Typically if an intervention does not work then we spend more time one on one with your family member.

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Substance Intervention
Substance Intervention provides service to all areas of the country. Contact us and, an Interventionist will come directly to you, at no cost to you. Substance Intervention pays all Interventionist travel expenses. Talk to us now to get help for your loved one.
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