Substance abuse is a disease that plagues thousands of American families. The actions of an individual who struggles with addiction burden themselves, friends, and relatives. Substance abuse is the cause of so many broken relationships, illnesses, and deaths. Whether the substance is opioids, alcohol, or other illegal street drugs, addiction ruins lives. People working to resolve addiction in their lives know the pain of relapse and failure. Oftentimes the abuse becomes normal, and people lose hope. Many times, addicts try to self-heal because they worry about becoming a burden on their loved ones. While this is perhaps admirable, it doesn’t offer the best chance at a successful recovery. Substance abuse often needs a complete life change in order to set things on the right path. Interventions are an effective way to get people dealing with substance abuse moving towards health.

Intervention Experts

Addiction interventions have been popularized by reality TV shows that depict families pleading with loved ones to get help. The leader of these interventions is trained in counseling and dealing with addicts. They’re adept at overcoming objections, and ensuring the right conditions are present to motivate addicts into treatment. Families need to do some research on an appropriate intervention counselor before trying to get their family member into rehab. It will make all the difference. The counselor works with parents, siblings, and friends on what to say and how to say it.

Post-Intervention Transition for Substance Abuse

Interventions often involve high levels of emotion. The session can become so intense that people leave feeling hurt and exhausted. It’s very important that the transition into rehab is smooth and easy for the family member. Entry into a treatment facility sets the tone for the rest of the recovery. Intervention specialists communicate with treatment centers to make sure patients have the support they need on arrival. In treatment, patients receive attentive medical care to work through withdrawal, as well as professional therapy to work through the trauma that’s often the cause of addiction and substance abuse. A successful stay in treatment is one of the best indicators of lasting recovery for patients. is an online resource for addicts and families looking for help. We provide information on intervention counselors, as well as guides to treatment facilities and medical help for substance abuse. We know that getting help quickly is key to saving the people we love who struggle with addiction. If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse, get in touch with our team today.