Drug abuse intervention is a tough subject. Nobody wants to see a loved one suffer, but how do you start the intervention process? And does drug abuse intervention really work? The fact is that addiction tells lies. It prevents the sufferer from seeing how bad the situation really is. An intervention can help the addicted individual see just how bad things have become. Often, an intervention is the only thing that can convince a person to get help for their disorder. Do you need more information on drug abuse intervention? Here are some things that you should know. 


What It Is and Is Not 

So, what exactly is an intervention? It’s an opportunity for friends, family, and other loved ones to help an addicted person. During an intervention, friends and family gather together and encourage their loved one to get professional help. An intervention should show the individual how their addiction has damaged their own health as well as the lives of those around them. 


Interventions can become confrontational, and emotions can run high. However, an intervention is not a place for guilt, blame, and shame. In fact, an intervention should ultimately help the addicted person feel supported. The end goal of the intervention is for the person to agree to go to rehab. 


How Does It Work? 

You can start a drug abuse intervention by calling an intervention specialist. You never want to try an intervention without professional help. The interventionist acts as a mediator, keeping things calm and rational. 


Next, your interventionist will meet with you to help you plan the intervention. Working as a team, you’ll put together the details. 


Before the intervention date, you’ll schedule your loved one’s rehab stay and their transportation to the facility. This is the most important part of the intervention. Once your loved one makes the decision to go to rehab, they’ll need to leave right away. Otherwise, they may second-guess the decision. 


Drug Abuse Intervention 

Are you looking for an intervention specialist? Let the Substance Abuse Intervention team help you. Our intervention specialists have all struggled with addiction themselves, so they understand how addiction can form a stronghold. These trained individuals know the best and most effective intervention strategies. Furthermore, they’ll help you plan every last detail of your substance abuse intervention. Ready to learn more and to have someone on your side? Contact Substance Abuse Intervention today. We’ve helped thousands of people and would love to help you, too.