Alcohol addiction not only affects the addict; it affects the people around them. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 80 thousand people die yearly due to alcohol-related causes. An estimated 15 million people suffer from alcoholism, yet less than eight percent will ever seek treatment for recovery. One of the most significant hurdles to getting help is often convincing an alcoholic that they have a problem. Often, getting people the treatment they need requires an alcohol intervention specialist.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

It is important for loved ones to know the signs of abuse so that they can intervene before the alcoholism gets worse. The signs that someone is abusing alcohol are that they:

  • Have problems at work or in school due to their drinking
  • Engage in risky or dangerous actives such as driving while intoxicated
  • Blackout and aren’t aware of their actions
  • Have legal problems related to their drunken behaviors
  • Continue to drink even when they are aware that they have medical problems that are made worse by alcohol consumption

f you spot these signs in someone you love, it is crucial that you intervene and get them the substance abuse treatment they require.

What Is an Intervention?

Often, by the time someone seeks help for their addiction, their drinking has already caused significant harm to their lives. An intervention is a process where loved ones intervene and get the alcoholic help before it’s too late. Loved ones and friends confront the addict to force them to see how their addiction is hurting them and the people who love them.

What Happens During an Intervention?

An intervention usually consists of four to six people who are closest to the alcoholic. The group meets without the alcoholic first to devise a plan to both confront their loved one and then to get them the treatment they need. Each person involved in the intervention has to say what they are prepared to do if their loved one refuses to seek help.

How Does an Alcohol Intervention Specialist Help?

An alcohol intervention specialist is a professional who helps to facilitate the intervention. They work with the group to research the extent of the problem and then aid each member of the group to talk honestly and openly with the alcoholic about how their destructive behaviors have impacted them. After planning the details of the intervention, an alcohol intervention specialist will also help the family come up with treatment goals.

Do You Need an Alcohol Intervention Specialist?

If you are planning an intervention, it is critical that you have a professional with experience to help. There are all sorts of reactions that an addict can have to the intervention. An alcohol intervention specialist can recognize when things are getting out of control and guide the intervention to success. If your loved one is showing signs of alcohol abuse, it is vital that you step in to intervene before the problem gets worse. Contact Substance Intervention today to get help.