Alcohol abuse can tear apart families and ruin relationships. It can be challenging to confront a loved one that is struggling with alcoholism because they are fragile. Alcohol abuse intervention is an effective step towards the road to recovery. A successful intervention requires an experienced interventionist, a plan, and family and friend support.

Alcohol Abuse Interventionist

An experienced interventionist is someone who has gone through the intervention process first hand. At, all of our intervention specialists are recovering substance abusers. You can be sure that our interventionists have an idea about what you and your loved one are going through. We provide support to those planning the intervention so that everyone is on the same page. In addition, we prepare for the many possible reactions to an alcohol abuse intervention and can help guide you through the process.

Intervention Plan

Each of our interventions starts with a phone consultation. During the phone consultation, we get to know you and your family. This helps us determine how we should structure the intervention. We build on the relationship begun through the phone conversations with Family Day. Family Day occurs the day before the intervention and is a way to understand everyone’s relationship with the alcoholic. By doing this, we can plan how each family member should participate in the intervention. Finally, the intervention is carried out following the clear plan that was developed.

Family and Friend Support

There is nothing more important than the support of those you love when suffering from alcohol abuse. It is scary for an alcoholic to admit that he or she needs help. An alcoholic can feel pain when they finally look at themselves and accept that things need to change. It is discouraging to acknowledge that alcohol has power over you. Therefore, family and friend support is crucial for a successful intervention. A person abusing alcohol is already suffering, and usually, the people that can most ease the pain are family and friends.

Substance Intervention is dedicated to helping substance abusers find the road to recovery. We understand that a successful alcohol abuse intervention results in the alcoholic going to rehab. By utilizing an experienced interventionist, creating a clear plan, and providing support, your intervention has the greatest chance of being successful. Our goal is to help you harness the power of your relationship with your loved one to encourage rehab. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with a successful alcohol abuse intervention.