To put it simply, alcohol intervention services sum up the overall process of helping an individual overcome alcohol addiction and abuse. When you hear about interventionists and intervention protocol, you’re getting a sum of all the services that go into producing an intervention. They’re immensely helpful, but they go beyond that of a normal intervention – there are a lot of steps.


Alcohol intervention services provide resources such as scripts. When you hear about scripting an intervention, you may get flashbacks to MTV’s popular “reality show” that made a mockery of addicts and their issues. Scripting is a serious component to any intervention, because it gives structure to the entire ordeal.

When you go into an intervention without scripting, you run the risk of infuriating and alienating the alcoholic in question. This can result in them not trusting you in
the future, making it difficult or nearly impossible to get through to them. Scripting is crucial.

Gathering Their Influential People

Your loved one is going to require support, even if there’s a lot of animosity to go around. You don’t want a large circle of people in the intervention – you only want the influential ones there so the addict doesn’t feel cornered. This is a crucial step that your alcohol intervention services can help arrange. It can become stressful when everyone wants to help – they may do more harm than good. It’s important to pick a specific group to be there.

Fixing Escalated Situations

It only takes one wrong phrase to get your loved one on the wrong side. Interventions are structured to display emotions, help your loved one understand the impact that they are inadvertently having on your life and the lives of those around you, and request a solution in a form that’s understandable to them.

Intervention services can help alleviate the stress and tension in situations to ensure that a properly planned intervention doesn’t go to waste. Keeping everything calm and digestible for the addict is the number one priority; it’s up to them whether they want to leave the room or not, and you have to try to keep them there with only verbal communication. It’s no easy task.

How Can Intervention Services Help Me?

You have a loved one that’s suffering through alcoholism, and they need the right attention. It cannot be stressed enough: a failed intervention is worse than no intervention at all. You could alienate them immediately, have them take off, and worsen the situation. While that is usually synonymous with drug interventions gone wrong, you’re still dealing with someone in an altered state.

Intervention services are able to provide you with the peace of mind you need. While no intervention can be 100% proven to work, your chances of running one on your own without the proper training, guidance and other additional services that interventionists offer, is minimal at best. There are trained professionals who want to help.