Does one of your loved ones need a substance abuse intervention? If someone you love suffers from substance abuse, they may need an intervention. What is a substance abuse intervention? A substance abuse intervention is a structured conversation between you and your loved one. Within this conversation, it’s important to express all the ways their actions affect you and how it affects others and themselves.

The Goal of Intervention

Unfortunately, you don’t always know what to say in a substance abuse intervention. For this reason, it’s essential to remember the goal of a substance abuse intervention. You want to get your loved one to see they have a problem and that they need to seek treatment.

However, it can be difficult to address a loved one regarding their substance abuse. You may fear that your accusation is incorrect and cause a wedge to form between you. On the other hand, you may worry that your loved one will deny the substance abuse. Other concerns include being scared that your interference could cause your loved one’s substance abuse to worsen.

If you’re worried that your substance abuse intervention could make the situation worse, you should consult with a substance abuse interventionist. With a substance abuse interventionist’s help, you can find the right words to express to your loved one. If you’ve tried talking with your loved one before with no success, you should consult a substance abuse interventionist.

Script the Substance Abuse Intervention

One of the benefits of consulting a substance abuse interventionist is that they can help script the intervention. While you may not know the right avenues to take to express your concerns, an interventionist has years of experience in this field and can lead the conversation. An interventionist can assist you with identifying the best people to speak to your loved one and in what order.

Provide a Calming Force

When discussing your feelings about your loved one’s behaviors, you may get angry or sad. However, with the assistance of a substance abuse interventionist, they can be a calming force during the intervention. As this individual is not emotionally involved in the situation, they can be impartial and keep the interaction from shutting your loved one down.

Knowledge of The Next Steps

Furthermore, a substance abuse interventionist can assist your loved one with the process of going to treatment. Again, the goal of an intervention if for your loved one to acknowledge a problem and to seek help. A substance abuse interventionist has extensive knowledge of treatment services and can answer questions that you or your loved one may have about the treatment process.

Substance Abuse Intervention

When you have a loved one that needs a substance abuse intervention, the timing is crucial. Planning is necessary for a successful intervention. However, if you wait too long, the results could be devastating. If you need assistance with sharing your feelings with your loved one and getting them into a treatment program, contact a substance abuse interventionist.