Opioid addiction has gotten a lot of attention in the United States for the past couple of years, for good reason. So many people in the country are struggling with Percocet addiction and dependency on other narcotics. People with chronic pain use the drug for relief, and others use it to dull the pain of past trauma in their lives. Unfortunately, addiction to Percocet destroys the lives of addicts and their families on a regular basis. The drug’s grip is so strong that what starts as a casual habit becomes a matter of life and death. The road to recovery is never easy. It’s filled with ups and downs as people work their way back to normal life. Keeping perspective while you or someone you love tries to beat their Percocet addiction is crucial to successful recovery.

The Path to Recovery

If you’ve ever known someone who’s struggled with Percocet addiction, you know that recovery is very difficult. The body becomes physically dependent on the drug and coming off can be painful and even life-threatening. The body tells the mind it can’t survive without the drug. Even when addicts tell themselves they’re done, the fight against Percocet addiction is far from over. Relapse into drug use is very common in opioid addiction cases. Even people who are clean from the drug now have likely been through multiple phases of recovery and have fallen back into addiction at some point.

Know That Resources Are Out There

It’s important to keep perspective. Everyone wishes that they could beat the drug the first time they try. Sometimes the fight against Percocet addiction can be so frustrating that people lose hope and relationships become damaged. It’s understandable, but the support of family and friends along with effective treatment is critical to overcoming addiction. Always remember that resources are available to help you through addiction, whether it’s your first time or tenth. Finding the right treatment center, therapy treatment, and medical staff to see you through will make all the difference. They’ll be there to make sure withdrawal is done safely and get at the root of what is driving the addiction.

If you are looking for addiction resources to help yourself or a loved one, Substance Intervention can help. Speak with an interventionist for free to talk about treatment plans and the best approach to overcoming Percocet addiction. Don’t lose hope. Contact us with any questions you have about treatment resources available now.