Addiction is difficult for all people involved. It takes an incredible amount of courage to start taking the steps towards living a sober life. After working so hard to conduct a successful substance abuse intervention for your loved one, the last thing you want to see is a relapse. Just as intervention is only the first step on the long road to recovery, rehab is also not the end of the journey. This is why aftercare is a useful tool to foster a substance-free life.

Why Is Aftercare Important?

Aftercare is a critical component on the road to sobriety. This is because it allows a recovering addict to remove any doubt about staying clean. Also called continuing care, addiction aftercare involves anything from a brief check-in to group therapy. The point of continuing care is to provide recovering addicts with the resources they need to experience success.

It has been scientifically proven that continuing care has a positive impact on recovery from addiction. This is because programs are usually very structured and offer important coping skills. Furthermore, aftercare helps to keep recovering addicts away from criminal activities.

Substance Intervention Aftercare Services

At Substance Intervention, our goal isn’t only to help you achieve a successful intervention. We also want to ensure that you or your loved one continues to experience a successful sober life. Therefore, we are available to help you for up to a year after your substance abuse intervention. Our interventionists are recovering addicts themselves. So we understand that sobriety is not easy to accomplish. However, a successful and clean life is attainable if you take the appropriate steps. It is not an easy road. However, if you have the necessary resources, you can increase your or your loved one’s chances of successfully becoming sober.

We offer our own aftercare services in the form of brief check-ins. We are also aware of many other resources for aftercare services. Our goal is to help people achieve sobriety. That’s why we are here to help you find all of the resources you need to achieve this goal. Furthermore, we can help give you advice about what type of aftercare is suitable for you or your loved one.

We are here for you and your loved one. Our interventionists understand the challenges of recovering from addiction. They have been where you are now and can offer helpful recommendations. Contact Substance Intervention today for any questions you need answered.