Do you need a Drug Intervention Specialist? The pain and heartache that you experience while watching a family member spiral out of control with drugs or alcohol can be devastating. There is a constant cloud over your head waiting for what will happen next. You may be tempted to hold an intervention to convince your loved one to give up his or her addiction or enter treatment. Maybe you’ve even tried this before. Unfortunately, you may not have had much success. Bugging, yelling, nagging, pleading, and negotiating will do nothing more than drive a wedge between you and your loved one. It could even increase guilt and end in more substance use.

Before you stage an intervention, you should consider hiring a Drug Intervention Specialist. A Drug Intervention Specialist is trained and understands what treatment will look like for your loved one. Furthermore, a specialist is not burdened by overwhelming emotions, frustration, and fear. By having a person on your side who has a clear head, you can increase your chances of a successful intervention. What should you consider when hiring a Drug Intervention Specialist?


When hiring a Drug Intervention Specialist, you must only consider someone who is credentialed. Through credentialing, the Drug Intervention Specialist can show he or she fits the credentials required for the position. To receive credentials, the specialist must not only have a proper education but must also follow ethical boundaries. These guidelines were enacted to protect a person who is struggling with addiction from abuse. The most important credential to look for is CIP. CIP stands for Certified Intervention Professional. A person may have additional credentials, but this one is a must.


You may find an interventionist who has tons of credentials and an amazing track record, but if he or she is booked for six months, that is no good. If the interventionist is not available for weeks or even months, you need to keep looking. Addiction has severe consequences if left unaddressed. You need to find someone who is available within the next couple of weeks, not months.


Some interventionists take all forms of insurance, while others are more particular. The cost of a Drug Intervention Specialist and substance use treatment can be expensive without insurance. If money is a concern for you, you must verify medical insurance when contacting the potential candidate. Determining medical insurance coverage before proceeding is prudent.


Lastly, you need to find a Drug Intervention Specialist who has a proven track record. You don’t want your loved one to be their first intervention. Additionally, you want to know how successful they’ve been with their previous interventions. Furthermore, you want an interventionist that is experienced with the addiction your loved one is suffering from. The best Gambling Intervention Specialist in the world will not be able to relate well to your loved one who is facing a methamphetamine addiction.

In Conclusion

When a loved one is dealing with addiction, it is important to assist him or her in getting the help that s/he needs. If you don’t think you can handle the situation, then you should contact a Drug Intervention Specialist to help you reach out to your loved one and not drive a wedge between you. If you need expert advice, contact Substance Intervention today. We’re here to help. Call 800-315-3303.