Ativan detox requires strong support and the right medical care to be successful. Many people in America are struggling with Ativan use issues; it’s important for those dealing with addiction and their loved ones to know what works and where to find help. Ativan is also known as Lorazepam. It’s a strong benzodiazepine that’s used for patients with insomnia, anxiety and other similar conditions. It can either be taken orally or intravenously. Doctors prescribe Ativan for millions of people, so there is plenty of the drug available to the public. The drug gives its users a sedative, euphoric feeling that quickly forms into a physical dependency. They become hooked on the drug and need more of it to achieve their desired state. Ativan detox takes professional help and patience from those affected.

The Effects of Ativan Abuse

Doctors typically only prescribe Ativan sparingly. This is because they know how easy it is for people to develop a dependency on the drug. Because of this, they only give four weeks of the medication to offset addiction risks. However, in recent years there has been a large spike in the number of people seeking substance abuse help tied to Ativan. Ativan detox numbers are much higher because more people know about the effects of the medication. However, not all Ativan users that become addicted obtain the drug illegally. In reality, patients often start using Ativan via doctor’s prescription but become addicted over time.

People who use Ativan often experience drowsiness, stomach pain, weight loss, loss of motor functions, poor balance, and can appear disoriented. Also, they may try to hide Ativan use from others or feel they can’t live without regular use. In more extreme cases, users can have hallucinogenic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and panic attacks.

Keys to Ativan Detox

Ativan detox is never easy. Because of this, many people hurting from substance use issues may try to withdraw from the drug on their own. The physical and mental dependency is hard to overcome. Relapse is very common. With the right combination of a treatment center, therapy and support from friends and family, recovery is possible. Finding the right place that fits the needs of the patient is the key to successful and healthy withdrawal. It will mean a world of difference to someone looking to start over and get healthy. matches addicts and their loved ones to Ativan detox treatment centers. We have over 20 years of experience in treatment and can help start you on the way to recovery. Don’t fight this challenge alone. Find people who know what you’re going through and can help. Contact us to hear more about Ativan detox and how we can help.