If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism and abusing alcohol on a regular basis, it’s time to have the talk with yourself, and admit it. Often times, we don’t want to see something, so we choose not to. This can, and often does lead to instigating, or being an enabler. It can feel like you’re overwhelmed with your struggling friend or family member, but hope hasn’t been lost. It’s time for an intervention.

How Do I Know if My Loved One is an Alcoholic?

Any abuse of the substance, particularly on a regular basis, can classify them as an alcoholic. Instances include:

  • “Needing” a drink every single night / after work
  • Reaching for alcohol as a way to cope with difficult situations
  • Consuming high levels of alcohol without altercations or other common reasons
  • Consuming high quantities of alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine on a daily basis
  • Is drunk more than once per week